My (Gay) Mormon Moment

I'm an Exercise Physiology Major, and as such I am required to enroll in the Exercise Physiology class and corresponding lab. Today for lab we were required to do the skin fold test on our classmates and then have them do it on us.

I was dreading having the skin fold test done on myself. I was always the fat kid in elementary school and middle school. My body fat percentage was always a considerable amount higher than all the Ethiopian bean poles I went to school with. I'm in some of the best shape I've been in a long time right now, but I still have flash back nightmares of being teased and called fatty. So I was very shy about removing my shirt and showing my stomach. I quickly put on my shirt as soon as I could once I was done.

Then came the next part of the lab...

Each person in our group was supposed to find two people outside of class to do the skin fold test on. I called up a buddy I just met this semester, (who I do find attractive) and then I wandered into the fitness room and saw a guy just coming out of the locker room to work out. I've actually seen this guy several times a week when I'm in the gym and I may take some longer than needed looks.

Anyways... I had them both come into the lab and I took their weight and height. Then I had to ask them to remove their shirts so I could take the skin folds of their pecks and abdominal area. Lord, I've never felt so gay. I was really trying to not lust or notice too much how attractive these guys were. Both my age, chiseled body (with the "V"), tan, manscaped nicely. I kept telling myself "GMSW, they are not pieces of meat, they are people, stop it." I was pretty proud of myself though. I didn't pop a boner or anything like that, which was honestly something I was really afraid would happen. I kept it cool and remained professional.

Something my buddy told me which is what I'm trying to live by. It's okay to acknowledge someone is attractive (male or female) and then continue with your day. What is not okay is to obsess about it and lust. That's where you run into the whole sin issue.



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