Marilyn Monroe

I must have this huge disclaimer on me that I can't see that apparently says "take advantage of me."

I'm a gay mormon, so I already the tendency to be more emotional than most guys. I give and give and give with all the relationships in my life. At times I do it from the good of my heart, and at other times I admit I do it because I want a friend to feel obligated to reciprocate that love and care to me. 

If some people would just look outside themselves and see that there is a person who genuinely loves them and cares about them. I stand there and most of the times these people just look right through me to other people in their lives who aren't even that great. 

I know I'm not perfect. I know I make mistakes. I know I have truly crazy moments of attachment from being gay. I also know that I'm a damn good friend to people. I have always prided myself on the caliber of friend I am to people. I am the best friend that you see in movies, on TV, that you always wish for growing up. 

I'm over people in my life who can't make up their damn mind. If you want to be my friend, then be it. Don't do it half ass. Make a decision and stick with it. Stop flip-flopping on your thoughts and your wants. Don't one second not want to talk to me and be completely detached and then the next act like you care about me. All that does is string my heart along and make it harder for me to move on. 



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