What goes around comes around...

Karma... you are a beautiful thing. I don't want to sound prideful or mean, but it makes me happy to know that no one can run from consequences, that bad people will have their comeuppance whether that be sooner or later.

There was this guy Mac who reached out to me when I first came out on North Star. We started communicating and it was really nice. It was completely healthy and strictly a friendship. Given I was really needy and needed someone there for me in dealing with all this. Mac told me he had been through a lot and made plenty of mistakes. He had been kicked out of a church sponsored school twice for acting out.

We would text and occasionally talk on the phone. I made some mistakes over this period of time. It made me lose all trust in gay men, especially in the church. So I decided to remove any traces of them from my life. I deleted Mac from my Facebook and from my phone contacts.

I returned to school and ran into a mutual friend of Mac and I. I had been struggling and feeling alone, and decided that I needed help with my struggle. Part of my resolve to change and get help was apologizing to Mac. I texted him and he completely ignored me.

In the period of time of us not speaking, I had become friends with an amazing guy named Stephen who Mac was in love with. Mac was super jealous of our friendship and he took the opportunity over the next couple of months to talk shit about me and all the things I had screwed up with. He put on the facade that he was doing so well and was choosing the right when in reality he was cruising gay dating apps and seeking a relationship with our mutual friend Stephen.

Mac went out of his way to sabotage my relationships with people and make my life hell. It really hurt. I didn't understand why he was being so mean. I didn't understand why he was going out of his way to make my life miserable.

My mother always told me to be a bigger person and not care what other people think. So I continued to try to reach out to Mac and be his friend though his comments and actions about me often came back to me and left me in tears on my bed.

Well karma has come back around and it is a beautiful thing. Mac no longer goes to a church sponsored school. His plans to originally go to school with Stephen fell through and they are no longer friends. He sabotaged his own relationships and life because he is so lost and unhappy.

It is worth the wait! Be a bigger and better person. It makes you so much happier.

"What goes around/comes around." - JT



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