Today in my religion class we talked about the law of chastity and its significance. First of all we discussed why we were given standards. Standards are important for security and consistency. One can simply look around at the current state of the world and see the result of the disintegration of standards. Something for me that was worthwhile noting is that the law of chastity is the same for gay people as it is for straight people. The Lord has the same consequences set in place for those who violate this law.

My religion teacher relayed the story of David. The same David who slew the giant Philistine Goliath. David was a great man. But because of his choices (he committed murder), he at best can hope for the telestial kingdom.

David shirked his duties and instead of going to war with his men he stayed home. It is worth noting that we are tempted the most when we are alone, where we would do things by ourselves that we never would in front of others. David ignored his duties and Satan seized an opportunity. "If the devil finds a man idle, he will put him to work."

David went up to his room and caught a glimpse of Bathsheba bathing on the roof. Like any man he gazed once, but instead of turning away and stepping away, he looked back. He lusted after her. He seduced her, made her pregnant and then placed her husband on the front lines of battle killing him to cover up his sin.

David lost his place in the celestial kingdom to cover up a sin. The thing is, adultery though wrong, is a sin that is repentable through a Bishop. David was not too far gone. He could have come back. It was when he tried to hide his sin and committed murder that he lost his place.

Had David turned away his head and not invited Bathsheba to his home, he would be exalted.

Interestingly enough, Christ comes from the lineage of David. The point of this? One does not need to be a 10th generation pioneer to be a faithful follower of the God. One can be the first, the break in the chain that makes the difference.



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