Me, cool? Huh? When did that happen?

It's funny how one person can say something to you and it means nothing, then another can say the same thing and it means the world to you. I'm always going off on how I feel lonely and don't feel like people love or appreciate me, I haven't felt that way the past couple of days that's for sure.

My roommate was supposed to go with me and some friends to a movie. He bailed to go hang out with this girl that he really likes. I was a little irritated but more disappointed. When I got home from the movie, he came into my room like a dog with a tail in between his legs. He told me he felt awful for what he did. He regretted it as soon as he left. He said the rest of the night he felt like crying and that he was afraid he had damaged our friendship. It really upset him because in his own words "I want to be you best friend". It was a very flattering gesture and did move me. I felt loved that's for sure. I forgave him immediately. I would do anything for other people in my life to say that to me, I love my roommate and his friendship, but him telling me that had me going "oh that's nice of you".

In addition to this. My roommate and his friend have been inviting me to do everything. They check up on me to make sure I'm okay. They have told me now several times that "I'm really cool". If anything, it makes me blush because I do not feel cool whatsoever. I feel weird and quirky.



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