Freight Train

Sometimes you're going so fast, you don't realize how much you're hurting. Sometimes you get so busy with classes and homework, home teaching, relationships with friends, relationships with family, that you forget about yourself.

Sometimes you get 4-5 hours sleep a night and it becomes normal. Sometimes you just push through it to make it to the weekend. Sometimes you are so intent on helping everyone else around you, that you forget about yourself.

Sometimes when it's friday afternoon you go home and lay down for a nap because you actually have time to.You lock the door, shut the blinds and as you're falling asleep you heart starts aching terrible. It hits you by surprise like a freight train at night that forgot to turn on it's lights. You miss your friends and wish they missed you like you missed them. You know they love you, you just wish they could show it more. You see everyone around you and it appears they all have someone they can't live without. You see all these people with people they have romantic feelings for and would do anything for. But you have no one and this you never forget.

Sometimes when this happens, you just let yourself silently cry, hold your pillow, and fall asleep.



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