Dating... just not for me

My major is Pre-Med. I'll graduate in the spring and then take the MCAT and apply for Med School. I've always been really serious about my school work. It comes before anything and everything. It has really worked to my advantage on the dating scene during college especially since I'm an RM and supposed to be diligently seeking out an eternal companion. I use my studies as an excuse as why I don't date. It's partially true. I do feel I'm just supposed to focus on my school work and not worry about that right now. But it's also because I have no interest in dating girls currently. In all honesty, most girls annoy the crap out of me. Especially college freshmen girls. They are so loud and clueless sometimes.

Anyways, tonight I was working on my homework (like I always do) when two of my roommates come in and ask me if I wanted a date tonight. They said they had these girls they were taking on dates and the girls didn't want their roommate to be left out. So I was the chosen one to fill that obligation. It didn't take me long to figure out that this girl wasn't that attractive. So it felt a bit like I was getting shafted which pissed me off. I said no because I had a mission thing tonight and I also wanted to hang out with my best friend. I had no desire to go on a date let alone a date with the fat roommate that the other roommates feel sorry for.

So I continued with my night and in that time I had to do laundry. There were a bunch of people at my apartment waiting to go out on the group date that I was supposed to go on. One guy (very attractive mind you) would talk to me each and every time I went out the door and always said I'll miss you jokingly. His friends kept giving him a hard time saying he kept hitting on any guy or girl that came through the door. They jokingly told him that he needed to decide if he was gay or not. Then one of his friends proceeded to ask him if he was broken... which stung a lot. Not that they know I'm gay, but it made me sad to think that those people have the mistaken belief that being gay means you're broken.

I feel like I should end this post with some conclusion that wraps things together, or with some spiritual insight, but I don't have anything. Just random thoughts.



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