From The Other Side

I found out about GMSW through a mutual friend. Our friend was the one who first found the blog and told me about it. I read it and could not hold back my tears. All the pain my best friend had gone through and I had NO idea. It was something that ate at me constantly. I could not believe all the things he had gone through and the worst thing was that he had to keep it to himself because nobody knew about him and wouldn’t understand. It broke my heart. After reading it I realized that it didn’t bother me at all. GMSW was still the exact same person. I still loved him with all my heart and wanted to let him know that I had no issue with this.

About a month into our last semester at college I confronted GMSW and told him that I knew about his secret. Little did I know… he already knew that. During our conversation I could not contain my tears. I felt as if I was crying for him. I let out all my emotions that night. I told him that I felt so bad for not being able to help him through his hard times. I couldn’t imagine going through that alone. I’m so glad that I was able to talk to GMSW about this because it was a weight lifted off my shoulders and because of this, GMSW and I became closer than we have ever been. Knowing about this has truly opened my eyes to view his side. I am now very careful with how loosely I use certain words. I do not fully understand the struggles he faces every day because I have never had to deal with them. Instead of reacting negatively, the way most people do, I lift him up. I let him know that there are people out there with kind hearts willing to still love him for his imperfections regardless of what they may be.

GMSW has always been a strong person. He has always held his own and never allowed others to see him struggle. This is one of the many things I admire about him. He had to live with this secret because others around him were “homophobes”. It was so sad to see the reaction from people that were against same sex attractions. People made it seem as if gay people were a different species. They aren’t! They just have a different lifestyle. GMSW never belittled anyone or made them feel bad for the way they felt. I remember times when I needed him the most he would drop everything he was doing to come comfort me in any way that he could. That right there ladies and gentlemen is an act of love and charity. I will NEVER forget that about him.

He is still the exact same person to me. It truly made us closer. I love GMSW with all my heart. He is and will forever be one of my best friends. Another thing I love so much is the fact that he fights those tendencies as hard as he can. Gay or not, he has a tender heart and feels the exact same way we do. He has feelings just like you and I and who are we to judge? It’s just like the parable of the adulterer. Everyone wanted to stone her because of the sin she commitment. Christ said to the crowd, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Not a single person was able to cast their stone. We are NOBODY to place judgment. Our job is to love another and nothing more or less than that.



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